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Should you stage your home?

Date: January 18th, 2013 | Category: Market Advice

University Park Home Sold

Should You Stage Your Home?

Sabrina Robb, Guest Blogger for the University City Patch, recently posted an article titled: Should you stage your home?  Here is an excerpt:

“The answer is almost always, “Yes, definitely stage!”   Why is this so important?  A few reasons:

1.  If a home is vacant, every ding, scratch and imperfection is more prominently displayed. There is no perfect home (although I’ve seen a few that come pretty darn close), but a vacant home looks even more imperfect. It can also appear as if the home has been “abandoned.” Not literally, only that the sellers are no longer caring for the home as they would if they lived there.

Should you stage your homeShould you stage your home

2.  A room actually looks smaller without furniture. Very few homes show better without furniture.

Should you stage my homeShould I stage my home

3.  Most buyers have a very difficult time visualizing where to place their furniture or how to use a room. If there is a multi-purpose room (like a sunroom) a buyer may think it is wasted space. The space could be used as a playroom, family room, office etc. but buyers sometimes have a difficult time getting on board with using a room in a certain way if there is no furniture.

Should you stage your home

Should you stage your home







4.  Professional stagers have appropriate styles of furniture to match the architecture. If you have very contemporary furniture but a traditional house, in the end it may be better to have traditional furniture that matches the house.”

To read the article in full on the University City Patch Blog Local Voices website, click here:  Should You Stage Your Home?

Sabrina Robb is a Realtor with Robb Partners, an affiliate of Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty- Clayton.